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    How to use the board and what classifies under this board.


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    How to use the board and what classifies under this board.

    Post by doqk on Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:02 pm

    We're humans, we have problems all the time. Subdomain disputes are most definitely not one of them. But if something happens worth telling me then you can post it here. If you intend on writing a report, you must include this information:

    • Your FreeDNS username
    • The subdomain in question (in the format subdomain or
    • Why you're reporting it

    Examples of something worth reporting:

    • A sub has illegal, defamatory, or otherwise bad enough to warrant removal
    • A sub's entire existance is to slander somebody or something
    • A sub is being created with the sole purpose of selling it

    Examples to not report a sub:

    • You want the sub but it's already taken. Get another one.
    • False information. Don't tell me a sub has something illegal if it doesn't. I check HTTP and FTP protocols.
    • Personal issues. That's just not for this board.

    Good luck

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